Ingenious use of AAAC Conductors for photovoltaic systems(1)

In the era of low-cost Internet access, the cost of the control system is critical. In the past ten years, the prices of modules and inverters have fallen by 90%, which has contributed greatly to the overall cost reduction of photovoltaic systems, but the cost of cables has not been reduced. In large-scale projects, cables account for 10% of the system, which is even higher than that of inverters. In fact, as long as the design and installation are proper, under the premise of ensuring the normal operation and safety of the system, some AC cables are made of aluminum alloy cables, which can reduce part of the cost.

The cables of the power station are divided into DC cables and AC cables. Among them, the DC cables between the components and the DC cables between the components and the inverter are generally required to use photovoltaic special DC cables, and from the inverter to the AC distribution There is no requirement for cables between electric cabinets and cables between distribution cabinets and transformers.
What is aluminum alloy cable: Aluminum alloy cconductor is a new material power cable with AA8030 series aluminum alloy material as the conductor. The resistivity of aluminum alloy is between aluminum and copper, higher than copper, and slightly lower than aluminum. Under the premise of the same current carrying capacity, the weight of the aluminum alloy conductor of the same length is only half of that of copper.
In terms of service life: after the metal surface reacts with oxygen, different metal oxides are formed. Aluminum oxide can form a dense surface protective film with a certain hardness. Copper oxide, commonly known as patina, is between the above two and is a toxic substance.

The cost of aluminum alloy cable is about 25% to 50% of that of copper core cable, and the cost advantage of using aaac cable is relatively large. We can make a comparison. In a 400kW village-level poverty alleviation power station, the distance from the AC distribution cabinet to the step-up transformer is 1500 meters, and the maximum output current of the 400kW power station is 580A. If copper cables are used, two cables are required for each phase. 150 square meters, 3 phases need 6 pieces, the total length is 9000 meters, the price is 864,000; if you use aluminum alloy with two 240 square meters, the total length is also 9,000 meters, the price is 450,000, you can save 414,000 yuan, and 240 A square aluminum wire has lower loss than a 150 square copper wire.