How to choose wires for home decoration

Recently, the home decoration needs to buy Wires for construction. At this time, I don’t know which kind to buy, and I don’t know how to choose wires? So, today in this article, we will use three easy to understand steps to explain the relevant knowledge of wires in decoration, and let them know which is good, including how to choose.

Step 1: first understand what types of wires are used in home decoration
There are many kinds of wires, and the AAAC Cables that can be used for home decoration are fixed. The specific classification is as follows:
Bv wire (hard wire)
BVR wire (Multi Strand flexible wire)
RVs thread (plush thread)
BLVVB wire (aluminum sheathed wire)
BVVB wire (copper sheathed wire)
BLV wire (single strand aluminum core wire)
RVV line (copper core cable) household weak current line: closed circuit line, network line, telephone line, audio line, etc.
In other words, among the wires available for home decoration, with the continuous improvement of wire use requirements and user requirements, BV wires (hard wires) are currently used for strong wires, and BVVB wires (copper sheathed wires) will still be used in some areas. For weak wires, RVV wire (copper core cable) is used.

Step 2: understand why bv wire is suitable for home decoration ACSR Cables
1. What is bv line
Bv wire refers to copper core PVC insulated wire, where B represents category and V represents insulated PVC, with bv1.5m ²、 BV2.5m ²、 BV4.0m ²、 BV6m ² Wait, wire diameter classification. Bv line can be divided into BV and ZR-BV, among which ZR-BV is flame retardant bv line. In home decoration, most of them can meet the use requirements by using bv line. Only a few owners and decoration companies will use ZR-BV line to use home decoration wires. No matter which one of BV and ZR-BV is used, it can be applied to power devices and daily appliances with AC voltage of 450 / 750V and below, that is, it can ensure the daily power demand and safe use at home.
2. Why bv line is suitable for home decoration
Bv line can stand out among many household wires. Of course, it must have sufficient advantages and persuasion. Otherwise, it will not become the dominant type of wires for home decoration. Specific advantages are as follows:
Convenient construction: bv wire is a single strand wire, which is very convenient whether threading or wiring during construction. This provides convenience in construction. At the same time, because the BV line is a single strand line and a single cycle line, it is also very convenient to take it. It can save the time of construction workers during construction. Therefore, the master is willing to recommend users to buy this kind of wire. Under the same labor cost, using the bv line can save at least one man hour. From the side, it is to make the construction earn more money.
High safety: for BV wire, because it is a copper core PVC insulated wire, its internal is a single strand copper core, and the external is insulated with PVC, which is the best in use safety. Meanwhile, BV wire is made of 99% pure oxygen free copper, because the oxygen free copper core has low resistivity, excellent conductivity, large current carrying capacity, good ductility, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, strong stability and high safety.
Affordable price: the price of wires is the main factor affecting consumers’ purchase. Under the condition of ensuring safety, the price of BV line is only a little higher than that of traditional line, and the cost of single lap is not very high, which is within the range acceptable to consumers. Therefore, as consumers, with high safety and affordable price, they will naturally choose to use bv line.
Strong tensile resistance: bv wire needs to be threaded for construction when power is used for home decoration. At this time, the construction of threading and pulling wire will occur. Whether through the steel ratio or the wire itself, it will produce a certain tensile force on the wire. At this time, BV wire will not have any impact on the constructors when they pull wire normally, and will not damage the internal single strand copper core, If PVC insulation material is used externally, consumers will naturally feel relieved to use it, which also shows its high safety from the side.
Long service life: for BV wire, the inner part of the base is a single strand copper core and the outer part is PVC insulating material. Through such protection, the inner single strand copper core can have stronger corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, so as to prolong the service life of the ABC Cable, which also meets the service life requirements of home decoration wires. Generally speaking, it is no problem to use it for 10 years.
Through the above basic explanation and advantages of BV line, we can clearly know why bv line is suitable for home decoration, and it is also the best strong current line for home decoration at present.

Step 3: how to select wires?
Now that we know that the wires used for home decoration are bv wires, the next step is to know how to choose. I believe this is also a matter of great concern to most consumers. The specific selection steps are as follows:
The first step in selecting high-quality wires is to look at the wire diameter: bv wires can be divided into bv1.5m due to different wire diameters ²、 BV2.5m ²、 BV4.0m ²、 BV6m ² And so on. For home decoration, it is often bv2.5m ²、 BV4.0m ² Mainly used in lighting and socket circuits. For the earliest bv1.5m ² Generally speaking, bv2.5m is rarely used in lighting, and bv2.5m is directly used ² To be used as a lighting circuit. BV6m ² Wires are often used for independent circuits, as well as high-power electrical appliances for home decoration, such as central air conditioning and fast heating hot water products.
The second step of selecting high-quality wires is to look at the color: I believe that after you understand the wire diameter of BV wire, you will find that there are many colors when you see bv wire in the market, and the merchant will tell you which color to buy for use. And this is also the BV, which needs to pay attention to details, because different colors represent different meanings. Red is used as the fire line L; Blue, yellow and green are used as zero line n; The yellow green two-color wire is used for the ground wire PE. Different colors should be used in different positions, and the construction should be carried out according to the standard color wire. In this way, whenever the home wire needs to be maintained and reinstalled with new electrical appliances, it is very convenient to recognize the fire, zero and ground wire of the wire, so naturally there will be no wiring errors and major potential safety hazards.
The third step of selecting high-quality wires is to look at the brand: the brand is also reflected in the wire industry. As a large domestic brand, the quality of wires produced can be guaranteed. But sometimes, because of the reasons why sales are not suck, the local production lines can be recognized by consumers in many city. Therefore, when purchasing wires, we must decide the local conditions according to the local conditions. If the local people recognize their local brands, then they can choose their local brands, so we need not worry about the quality at this time. Because the local brand wire is recognized by consumers.
The fourth step of selecting high-quality wires is to look at the trademark: the trademark mentioned here does not mean the trademark of the wire brand, but the specific information on the wire packaging and 3C certification, because the formal wire brand must have specific information about the goods on its outer packaging during production. In addition, there must be strong safety standards implemented by the industry. With this information, Wires can be used safely.
The fifth step of selecting high-quality wire is to look at the copper core: for BV wire, its interior is a single strand copper core, and the copper core is made of 99% pure oxygen free copper, so pay attention to the brightness of the copper core when purchasing. Generally speaking, the higher the copper quality, the better, and the brightness is uniform and shiny. When buying, you can simply do an experiment. If you bend the wire for many times, it means that the bending resistance is good, which means that the copper quality is good. If you break after bending a few times, it means that you can’t buy if the copper quality is not up to the standard.
The sixth step of selecting high-quality wires is to look at the appearance: for BV wires, the external PVC insulation material is also very key, which is an important factor to ensure the safety of wires. Therefore, pay attention to the appearance and check the color and texture of PVC insulation materials. Generally speaking, whether the high-quality PVC insulation material has bright color and fine texture; The inferior PVC insulation material uses recycled plastic, so the appearance color is dim and the texture is loose, so such wires can not be selected.
The seventh step of selecting high-quality wire is to look at the meter number: for BV wire, it is usually written on the commodity packaging that it is 100 meters, but in fact it is only about 95 meters. Such a meter number shows that it is full meters, which is also the rule of the industry. For some wires, the number of meters is only about 90 meters, less than 95 meters, so we need to pay attention. Such wires belong to non-national standards, and their quality can not be used safely.

Recently, for home decoration, buying bv hard wire is the best choice for wire use. It is a wire that can ensure quality and safety. At the same time, as long as we follow the above seven steps of selecting wires, we can select high-quality wires and be assured and worry-free.