How to avoid being trapped when buying household cables?

Cable is a relatively insignificant raw material in home decoration, but it is closely related to everyone’s daily life and involves the problem of safe power consumption in daily life. Therefore, when purchasing AAAC Cable, we should pay special attention to avoid buying fake and shoddy goods. Here is a detailed description of how to price the cable and what key points should be paid close attention to when purchasing.

How much does a meter of cable cost
At this stage, the price of wires on the market is very unstable. The price of wires depends on the price fluctuation of copper. The more expensive copper is, the more expensive cable is. Moreover, the price of different well-known brands will also vary. Generally, the price of 4 square meters is about 230 yuan for one roll (100 meters long), and that of 2.5 square meters is 140 yuan for one roll (100 meters long), 1.5 is 85 yuan a roll (100 meters long). This price is for reference only. The actual price is based on the local specific price.
Cable selection is an important link
1. Length
Pay attention to the length. Some people will find that the number of meters on the ACSR Cable line they buy is 100 meters. However, it should be noted that there is a meter mark, but in the middle part, some black chambers of Commerce count less than 10 meters. For example, after 30 meters, they gradually mark 40 meters.
2. Copper quality
The true red copper of the cable is a reddish color, while brass turns yellow. In addition, red copper is relatively soft and brass is relatively hard. It is not too much to fake brass at this stage.
3. PVC material
Pay attention when selecting cables. Many people will make copper core wires very standard, but they are fake and shoddy products on PVC materials.

4. CCC product certification certificate
The cable line shall be marked with CCC product certification certificate as far as possible. Since the cable goods are compulsory identity certification goods in China, all machinery manufacturing industries shall obtain CCC product certification certificate verified by China electric welder product quality certification Research Association as far as possible. In addition, the cable is associated with safe power consumption, and the quality of the cable will damage everyone’s asset and capital security. Therefore, we must select the cable products with CCC product certification certificate.
5. Product certificate
Check whether the AAC Cable is marked with product certificate, specification and model, test, production and manufacturing date, enterprise name, production and processing place, telephone, etc. This is the product produced by reliable manufacturers. Everyone should understand it correctly when buying.