How much do you know about JHS cables

JHS is a waterproof cable with professional waterproof function. Professionally called copper core waterproof rubber flexible cable, we usually call it special waterproof rubber flexible cable for submersible pumps. It is mainly used for underwater electric power transmission. For example, we often use control cable for submersible pumps, underground coal mining wires and underwater lights, etc., which have good electrical insulation and good waterproofness.

The structure of JHS cable: Conductor: It is composed of multiple soft bare conductor or galvanized copper wires twisted together. Insulation: special waterproof and insulating soft rubber, or some waterproof silicone rubber materials are used. Filling: high-strength, mechanical-resistant jute rope or composite fiber rope or waterproof rubber. Wrap tape: Wrap a layer of ordinary water blocking tape on it, but if there is a metal shield, do not wrap the water blocking tape. Sheath: a special waterproof rubber is used, and the color is mostly black or white.

Conditions of use of JHS rubber sheathed cables: 1. Mainly used in power lines on submersibles with a rated voltage of 300/500V. 2. The commonly used cable cores include single core, double core, three core, four core, five core, 3+1 core, 3+2 core, and the commonly used cross-sectional area of ​​conductor is 1.5-300mm2. 3. Due to the use of cable Due to the particularity of the occasion, the maximum operating temperature of the cable during normal operation does not exceed 65°C.