Carbon fiber composite coreconductor

Carbon fiber composite wire is a high-strength carbon fiber composite power transmission wire. It has a core and a ring-shaped conductive layer wrapped around the core. The core is a conductive core composed of carbon fiber, and there is a composite conductive core composed of carbon fiber. It is composed of carbon fiber and aluminum or copper wire twisted.
This kind of carbon fiber composite core wire has many advantages and is the strength of contemporary scientific and technological development. It uses the high strength and corrosion resistance of carbon fiber to produce a new type of wire. Compared with the conventional steel core aluminum stranded wire, the carbon fiber The fiber composite core conductor has obvious advantages. It has many characteristics such as light weight, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, and large current carrying capacity. It can be said that all aspects of performance are upgraded.

The carbon fiber composite core wire has a very strong transmission capacity. It can effectively reduce power loss during the process of transporting electrical energy. It has high heat resistance and can continue to work under a high temperature environment of 160 degrees, even in a peak environment. Can fully meet the demand.

The tensile strength of general steel wire is 1240MPa, while the strength of carbon fiber composite core can reach more than 2400MPa, and the strength safety factor of carbon fiber composite core wire is increased by nearly 2 times. Not only the strength is enhanced, the expansion coefficient of the carbon fiber composite core wire is also very small, which avoids the thermal expansion sag of the traditional steel core cable. The height of the poles and towers can be reduced, and the distance between the poles can be increased, thereby reducing the transmission line corridors and saving land resources. This makes it not only have a strong comprehensive benefit advantage in the transformation of the old line; even in the construction of the new line, it also has a competitive advantage.