Advanced armoring methods and equipment for AAAC cables

One of the characteristics of all aluminum alloy cables  sales is the aluminum alloy tape interlocking (interlocking) armoring method. The technology of this armoring method is far superior to the steel tape wound armoring of copper cables. The use effect of the cable is also incomparable with copper cables. of. But the same is the aluminum alloy belt interlocking (chain) armoring, and there is a big gap in the armoring equipment and production technology of domestic aluminum alloy cable manufacturers.
At present, the domestic aluminum alloy armoring machine production lines are equipped with different equipment, including imported, imitated imported technology, and domestically made equipment. The current situation of domestic imported equipment is that in the equipment selection, due to the lack of aluminum alloy cable production experience and consideration of equipment investment, the most advanced one cannot be selected, or the imported second-hand equipment, or the imported host machine, in order to save investment, supporting tooling Molds were solved domestically, and the result was that the performance of imported equipment could not be reached. The product produced by this equipment has large wave peaks and poor bending performance. The armor and the armor are mutually lying structures, which cannot meet the structure required by the American technical standards. The product has poor compression resistance and is easy to peel off. As for the equipment imitating imported technology and domestically produced equipment, because the technology is not mature, the armored products produced can be imagined. Because of these various factors, the armored products produced by these equipment of domestic aluminum alloy cable manufacturers cannot meet the requirements of American technical standards.

At present, the American UMI alloy cable brand originally introduced the world’s most advanced KALMARK chain armoring machine production line from Canada. The aluminum alloy tape chain armored cable developed in accordance with American technical standards has good peak density and good bending performance. The armors are interlocking structures. The special structure interlocking between the layers can ensure that the cable withstands strong external force damage. Even if the cable is subjected to greater external pressure and external impact, the armor layer can also protect the insulation. Layer electrical performance. The structure of the aluminum alloy non-magnetic armor layer effectively improves the flame retardant level of the cable, greatly reduces the fire or fire hazard to the cable, and greatly reduces the cable eddy current loss. It truly embodies the quality and style of authentic American alloy cables.
Therefore, the fifth fact that users and related industry personnel must clearly understand is:
It is necessary to understand the technical level and production process of the armoring equipment of the aluminum alloy cable manufacturer, and whether the products produced are dense in wave crests and good in bending performance. The armor and the armor are mutually linked structures.