ACSR Conductor Packing

Since the beginning of the 1990s, China’s contribution to aluminum-cored steel reinforced Conductor (ACSR ) has increased significantly, and at the same time, the export volume has also soared.As the main electrical material for long-distance transmission, AAAC conductor will also face major development. The wire has the advantages of good flexibility, good reliability and high strength, and can be designed and manufactured according to different needs. A variety of products with different performances can be designed and manufactured. It has greater advantages than the half wire and has been widely used. However, due to the current carry capacity of ACSR  conductors , The metal surface of the wires is directly exposed outside, unlike ordinary cables that are protected by an outer sheath. Therefore, more attention should be paid to their packaging.

The choice of packaging tray 1.1 The choice of structure type my country’s current wire and cable coiling tools, from the material used, the wire and cable delivery tray Song uses all wood steel wood and all steel and other materials. All wood refers to the side plate of the wire and cable packaging tray And Jianjing are made of wood. The whole wooden plate has the longest history of use. Although it has the advantages of low price and light weight, it has poor strength and rigidity, and is easily affected by the atmosphere. Although sometimes measures such as anti-corrosion and termite prevention are used, it is used in tropical and subtropical rainy areas The service life of the wooden disc is still very short, and it is easy to scratch the wire because there are hundreds or even thousands of nails on the wooden disc. When stored for a long time, the corrosion and deformation of the wood often cause the nails to loosen, and the nails often occur when the wire is installed. It is not easy to choose the whole wooden plate as the packaging plate of the steel core aluminum stranded wire because of the scratching of the wire. The use of the all-steel plate means that the side plate and the simple diameter of the wire and cable packaging plate are made of steel.

There are two basic structural forms of all-steel packaging trays, namely, profile steel plus pu steel plate all-steel structure and corrugated all-steel structure; the former profile steel is the first frame of the side plate of the wire and cable packaging tray, on which a thin plate is welded, and the simplified Steel composition. The two are fastened with bolts or welded together, the latter is the skeleton of the wire and cable shipping tray, and the side plates are welded by corrugated steel plates. The simplified form is composed of all steel. The two are welded by electric welding. These two kinds of all-steel structure cable packaging have the advantages of high strength and long service life, but they are expensive, and they are easy to scratch the surface of the wire, and it is not easy to be used for steel core aluminum stranded wire packaging. The steel-wood hybrid structure packaging tray is used, which refers to the wire. The side plate of the cable packing reel and the skeleton of the cylinder are welded with profiled steel, and the yoke-shaped plate on the side plate and the diameter slats on the wire and cable diameter are made of wood, and the two are fastened and connected by bolts. The cable reel of this structure not only saves part of the wood, but also is cheaper than the all-steel structure wire and cable packaging, convenient for construction, and lighter in weight. Although it is less strong than the all-steel structure wire and cable packaging reel, its cost is low and only all steel About 40% of the structure packaging tray, and there is no nail. Therefore, there is no disadvantage of wire scratches and scratches. In short, no matter from the protection effect of the conductor or from the economic point of view, it is appropriate for Zhu to use the steel-wood mixed structure packaging tray to package the steel core aluminum stranded wire.