Hazards of unqualified cables

Nowadays, in the acsr cable market with mixed advantages and disadvantages, various production indexes are not up to the standard in an endless stream. If you can’t select high-quality cables with good quality and quantity, the harm in the later stage is unimaginable. The harm of unqualified cables is too great. Therefore, when you choose cables, you must pay attention to the above points, Choose high quality cable or Huaxing cable!
The cable incident in foreign countries on March 13, 2017 has sounded a huge alarm for us. Unqualified cables not only affect the operation of traffic lines, but also affect urban power transmission, signal and so on. Once a problem occurs, it is the safety of human life and the loss of state property that will cause harm.

What are the characteristics of unqualified cables? What harm will it do? Next, we will discuss with you:
1. Mark unqualified wires and cables. Mark is the main way to identify the basic information of wire and cable products. According to the standard, the main contents of mark are: product model, specification, standard number, factory name, place of origin, etc. within a certain mark spacing, if the mark is unqualified, it will cause identification errors of construction personnel, and even lead to electrical accidents.
2. Wires and cables with unqualified structure size. The main problem of structure size is the sheath thickness and insulation thickness. When the sheath and insulation thickness of the cable are not up to the standard, the electrical strength of the wire and cable will be seriously reduced, and the service life of the wire and cable will be shortened. In serious cases, the wire and cable will be broken down, and the insulation (sheath) layer can not play a normal protective role, resulting in electrical short circuit and fire.
3. The sheathed insulation is qualified in tensile strength and elongation before aging. The unqualified tensile strength and elongation of insulation sheath before aging can greatly shorten the working life of wires and cables. Moreover, in the construction or in the environment of long-time power on and high temperature, the insulator is easily broken, resulting in the exposure of live conductor and the risk of electric shock short circuit. The main reason for the disqualification is the use of recycled materials to reduce the cost of products, and the second is that small enterprises do not have the production qualification.
4. Wires with unqualified conductor resistance. Conductor resistance is an important index to check whether the conductor material and cross section of wire and cable meet the requirements. When the conductor resistance exceeds the standard, the loss of current passing through the line is increased, and the heating of wires and cables is aggravated. The main reason for unqualified conductor resistance is that in order to reduce the cost, the copper material, which accounts for 80% of the cost of raw materials, will shrink. Either reduce the cross-sectional area of the conductor, or use recycled copper with high impurity content, which leads to serious excessive conductor resistance of wires and cables. In addition to causing fire in the process of use, it will also accelerate the aging of the insulation coating outside the wires.

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