Factors that cause power cables to overheat

AAAC Condutors are the basic facilities for transmitting electrical energy to every household or unit. Without it, we can enjoy modern life without electricity. However, precisely because it is placed in our work and living environment, it also brings certain hidden dangers to our lives, lives and work. There are countless fires caused by overheating of AAAC cables, whether at home or abroad, so what causes the overheating of wires and cables to cause fires? The following wire and cable manufacturers will give you a good introduction to what are the factors that cause the wire and cable to overheat? So everyone can be on guard.
1. The cable conductor resistance does not meet the requirements, which will cause the cable to overheat during operation. There is also improper cable selection, the conductor cross-section of the cable used is too small, and overload occurs during operation. After long-term use, the heating and heat dissipation of the cable will be unbalanced and cause overheating.

2. The partial sheath of the armored cable is damaged, which will cause slow damage to the insulation performance after water enters, resulting in a gradual decrease in insulation resistance, and overheating during cable operation.
3. When the cables are installed too densely, the ventilation and heat dissipation effect is not good, or the cables are too close to other heat sources, which affects the normal heat dissipation of the cables, and may also cause the cables to overheat during operation.
Fourth, the joint manufacturing technology is not good, the crimping is not tight, resulting in excessive contact resistance at the joint, and also causing the cable to overheat. The insulation performance between phases of the cable is not good, resulting in low insulation resistance and overheating during operation.

See what acsr conductor manufacturers mentioned above, as long as we usually choose a regular manufacturer when buying cables, buy high-quality wires and cables, and equip them with appropriate cables according to the actual situation of the project or project. The wiring installation is scientific and reasonable. Then it will not easily cause the cable to overheat or even cause a fire.
The above are the factors that cause the overheating of the wires and cables, do you understand it? Hope it helps you.