I am a power cable communication engineer from China

Hello!  I am Chris, a cable engineer, currently living in Beijing. I graduated from Beijing university of technology, majoring in electrical engineering and automation, and now I am the chief engineer of the cable major of Beijing electric power engineering company.When I just graduated from the university, I was absorbed in the research and development of all aluminum cable,AAC cable,AAAC cable, ABC cable, ACAR cable,ACSR cable.Later, I gradually became the technical director of the company from the original cable designer, mainly responsible for the research and development of new power cables, photovoltaic cables and other products.

cable engineer

As a cable technical engineer, I should not only be familiar with the laws and regulations and technical characteristics and requirements related to wires and cables, but also be familiar with the product standards, inspection standards, production processes and inspection equipment of cables (PVC and rubber).Understand wire and cable equipment maintenance, but also can independently carry out the preparation of relevant technology and inspection standards, skilled in AutoCAD and other design software, in addition to good English ability, can understand English technical standards and can make English specifications.

For me, technical personnel should not only pay attention to the cultivation of knowledge in self-development, but also learn and understand materials, standards, equipment, testing, design, process and product application. In terms of technology, we should pay more attention to details to reduce the error rate to zero.At the same time, I also take initiative to innovate. At work, I observe and think about how to optimize the workflow while working.In the disposal of cable waste, I found that manual operation is time-consuming and laborious, so I tried to install a blade on the cable conveyor, which can automatically strip off the cable skin, greatly improving the work efficiency.

With 15 years of deep cultivation in the field of electric wire and cable technology research and development, 12 achievements have won national patents and participated in 55 product patents, among which 48 innovative achievements have been applied in production, saving the company tens of millions of yuan every year.In recent years, the construction of Beijing as an international city has been continuously promoted, and higher standards have been proposed for the quality of power grid construction.So we responded to the request, and actively compiled and reviewed the production process documents of wire and cable, and implemented them.At the same time, the on-site production process of wire and cable shall be strictly managed to keep the production site under control and solve the quality and technical problems related to the on-site production of wire and cable.In addition, I also actively collected and sorted out the feedback information about the use of wire and cable, and constantly improved the production process of wire and cable to improve customer satisfaction, and finally greatly improved the work efficiency and process quality.

We have undertaken the State Grid Corporation Zhoushan 500kV Power Transmission and Transformation Project. Longyuan Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project, Three Gorges New Energy Zhuanghe Offshore Wind Power Project, Brazil Trans-Amazon River Smart Grid Project, the world’s first ± 1100kV UHV DC line project Russia’s 220KV deep sea ultra-high voltage smart grid project and many other major domestic and foreign engineering projects have created many of the world’s best.

On September 25, 2019, Beijing daxing international airport was officially put into operation, which is now the world’s largest new airport under construction.The annual electricity consumption of Beijing Daxing International Airport is about 800 million kWh, which is equivalent to 1.6 times the current capital airport.In order to meet the power supply requirements of the airport, the airport has built 7 supporting substations, which will provide sufficient and reliable power supply guarantee for the terminal building, flight area and other areas.In addition, the comprehensive pipe corridor is fully connected, and the installation of power pipeline and cable must be carried out in accordance with the approved design documents. A sufficient number of sample holes should be dug before the laying of the cable, so as to find out the underground pipeline and soil conditions along the line, so as to determine the correct direction of the cable.Our company is fortunate to be one of the cable product and service providers, which is also something I am proud of in my work.